Viking JAM - 11/11/2003
They JAM from the land of ice and snow!

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JAM #1 - Interpret a Song
Interpret visually any part of a song (lyrics, title, ideas, etc).
JAM #2 - Scene from a Book
Create a scene from any real book. Preferably one that hasn't been visually interpreted before.
JAM #3 - Your Yahoo ID
Create an interpretation of your Yahoo ID.
Hey Prett from DonDoctor Worm by JaimeFins by JeffMister Roboto by Kukimon
The Real Story by DonInterview with a Vampire by JaimeIsland of Dr. Moreau by JeffKilgore Crosses the Creek by jOHN
Don5_1999 by DonFatmen by JaimePikadead by KukimonI am Weakcut by jOHN
Dead Puppies by jOHN
JAM #4 - Fan Art JAM
Interpret another members character in your style.
JAM #5 - Indy Super Hero
Interpret an underground or indy character (preferably your own if you have one) as a traditional
super hero.
JAM #6 - Scripted JAM
Draw or interpret the script linked HERE.
Sylvia/Supergirl by DonScolex by JaimeZorando/Mask by LlothcatSuper Heel by jOHN
From Eddie
Ghost Dancer by jOHN
JAM #7 - Heaven and Hell
Create anything you feel reflects the concept of heaven and hell.
JAM #8 - Pirates
Create anything on the theme of pirates.
JAM #9 - Ultimate Auto
Create your dream vehicle. Go crazy with the optional extras.
Heaven & Hell by DonADD & OCCC by JaimeBig Daddy vs Nicky the Red by jOHN
Pirate by DonPirate Queen Ruby by JeffPirates by JaimePirates by jOHN
Der ShieseRoket by jOHN
JAM #10 - September 11 Tributes
Create tribute art reflecting the tragic events of September 11, 2001.
JAM #11 - Jedi JAM
Create a self portrait of yourself as a Jedi (light or dark) or a Sith Lord.
JAM #12 - Spirit Animal
Create an interpretation of your spirit animal or any animal you just like.
From BenFrom DonFrom JeffFrom jOHN
Jedi Don From DonJedi Jaime From JaimeJedi Jeff From JeffJedi MindTrick From jOHN
B.S. Bear Flips His Shit From jOHN
Alien Jedi from Keegan
JAM #13 - Star Trek Blind Date
Create an interpretation of a blind date and any two Star Trek characters from any of the Star Trek series.
JAM #14 - Indy Super Hero Revisited
Interpret an traditional super hero(s) as a underground or indy character(s)
JAM #15 - Logo Redesign
Take any comic logo(Superman's S, Batman's Bat) and redesign. You may also design a logo for any character(s) that hasn't got a logo.
DeAnna Troi & Gorn by Don
Daredevil Logo From EddieBatman, Daredevil, Superman Logos From James

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