Viking JAM - 11/11/2003
They JAM from the land of ice and snow!

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JAM #16 - Halloween Card
Design a halloween greeting card
JAM #17 - Mythology
Create a scene from any classic Mythology.
JAM #18 - Classic Sci-Fi with a Goat
Create a piece of art in the style of classic Sci-Fi (Flash Gordon, Forbidden Planet) and it must have a goat somewhere in it.
Artemis and Actaeon From JeffBeowolf from Don
Wierd Goat Tales from Don
JAM #19 - Monkey JAM
Create anything with a monkey in it.
JAM #20 - Scene from Childhood
Do a scene from your own childhood.
JAM #21 - Nemesis JAM
Show us your nemesis, real or imagined. Everyone has one.
Godzilla From DonBack Home From JaimeBonk From John
Redneck From jOHN
JAM #22 - Animation Lovechild
Pick two animated characters of any genre, and create thier offspring.
JAM #23 - Gremlin JAM
Create something with gremlins.
JAM #24 - Movie Poster of
Your Life

Everyone's life is a movie,
show us the promotional poster.
Gremlins fron JeffGremlins on the Gremlin from jOHN
JAM #25 - Super Villian Showdown
Take the two most evil baddies you can think of, and make 'em duel.
JAM #26 - Clown JAM
Jugglin', big shoes, evil smiles, whatever...
JAM #27 - FreeStyle JAM
Do what you want, How you want, Why you want!
Jules vs. Hannibal!!
Crying on the Inside From JeffFreako the Clown from jOHN
JAM #28 - Historical Figure JAM
Create a representation of your favorite historical figure.
JAM #29 - Cliff JAM
Create something featuring a character in or around a cliff.
Borrowed from The Cliff Guy
JAM #30 - Zombie JAM
Do what you gotta do, but do it with ZOMBIES!
Rasputin by jOHN
Grey MatterZombie Pinata by jOHN