This is the the home of the JAM. If you would like to participate you can visit, my LiveJournal, or the Renegades of Comic Book Funk. You may also submit direct to me John the WeakCut.
First the Jam is not an original idea, I borrowed this particular style of jam from the Indy Cred All-Stars. They seem to have fun with it, but I was always intimidated joining theirs (I have no Cred).

The Rules

No rules. I'll post a topic, general or specific, once a week (or so) and you just follow those instructions. The deadlines are open ended, and you can always go back and redo a previous JAM. (Don and I were competing to finish them inside one week, but he kicked my ass) The main goal is to have fun.
Also feel free to suggest a topic. Good ideas are always welcome.

Viking JAM - 11/11/2003
They JAM from the land of ice and snow!

Submit a JAM

JAM #31 - FrankenJAM
Make your own monster, just like the Doc.
JAM #32 - Halloween for the Comics
Put a comic charcter in their Halloween costume.
JAM #33 - Socialist Realism
Show your love for our commie brothers.
Frank by Jaime
#34 - The Greed JAM
Express your overwealming desire for wealth and possessions.
#35 - The Wrath JAM
Express your overwealming desire for rage and fury.
#36 - The Gluttoney JAM
Express your inordinate desire to consume more than that which you require.
The Greed by DanielHow to Steal by jOHN
Suicide Bomber by DanielSpider vs. The Combat Krishna by jOHN
Gluttoney by JaimeBuffet by jOHN
#37 - The Sloth JAM
Express your avoidance of physical or spiritual work.
#38 - The Lust JAM
Express your inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.
#39 - The Pride JAM
Express your excessive belief in your own abilities.
Sloth by Jaime
Pride by Jeff
#40 - The Envy JAM
Express your desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation
#41 - Crime & Punishment
Create something that expresses the defiance of the law and its consequences.
#42 - Ridin' the Rails
Make something that 's reflective of trains or the railroad.
#43 - The Drinking Contest
Create a piece that features a drinking contest between your two favorite comic book characters.
#44 - The Robot JAM
Build me robots!

#45 - Rebus JAM
Create a rebus puzzle like you might find on the inside of a Pearl Beer cap

Ghundam by JaimeMoron-o-bot from jOHN
#46 - Boogey Man JAM
What dark things are lurking in your closet? 
#47 - JAM-o-lantern
Carve out something fearsome for the kiddies!
#48 - Lycanthropes Galore
Howl at the moon and show us your best were-beast!
Creep in the Closet by jOHN
Weak-O-Lantern by jOHN
#49 - Ghost of a JAM
Use the JAM to contact the great beyond!