More Stupid Fun Links

The Mini-Mizer - Create your lego alter ego.
Spiderman WIll Make You Gay - For real!
Heroes - Super heroes done Clerks style.
Ben Brows's Switch Ad - Why one man truly loves MacIntosh.
Villian Supply - One stop shopping for all your villian needs.
Bad Ass Buddy - Buddy icons for all your IMing needs.

Book-a-Minute Classics - All that Lit 101 shit, made easy.
Weebl Stuff
- Brilliant flash cartoons.
The Retort - One man's quest for justice.
Fly Power - The shit you can do with bugs.

Redneck Vampire - More frightening than you can imagine
AirToons - Nerds are encouraged to get the fuck out!
Wrath - You're God, Kill some cows.
The Delta Ad - Funny shiznitz.
Uzinagaz - Strange French flash games.

Strongbad's Email - Totally kick ass, new every Monday.

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