I have created 3 comics this year so far.
I have 5 months to finish 9 comics.
The odds are pretty fucking good
for getting your free t-shirt.

I will create 12 comics this year!

Okay in 2003 I made this bet, that I would create 12 comics. I got to 7. I totally choked. In 2004I made this bet, and I made ZERO comics, which was sad and pathetic. Well the third times a charm, I'm gonna try it again. Hell I'm gonna keep trying it 'til I fucking get it done. I'm taking this seriously.

Now I always start these years in January, which leaves me trying to play final catch-up during the Holiday season, and this is Killing me. So I was born in May, so I declare the WeakCut Year starts in May. So I will create these 12 comics before May 2006.

I'm taking this seriously. How seriously you say? I mean c'mon, I'm never anywhere near a deadline. I've been as much as a year and a day late on projects, and rarely less than a month late.

Very Seriously, I say.

If I don't do 12 comics, everyone who signs up,
gets a free T-shirt!

While I may not hold to deadlines too well, I do not welch on bets and I hold true to my word.Just ask the folks from 2003 who got these t-shirts for free.

or the folks who got these t-shirts for 2004

I do reserve the right to switch out one or more comics with animation projects, but you will get your content.

So to sign up either email me (John@weakcut.com) or sign up on the message board here.

As you may well know I failed to meet the resolution in 2003. As such I will be giving away the free T-shirts to those lucky few who signed up. As it stands now, I'm still working on getting those t-shirt printed.
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