Title - Noodlin'

That is one huge motherfuckin' catfish. Now I know you guys are expecting another rant on the evil of playing with dead animals, but not this time.
Instead we're gonna talk about noodlin'. For those not hip to the groove, noodlin' is the "sport" of shoving your arm in a hole along a river bank, and trying to get one of these mutant ass catfish to try and bite yer fuckin' arm off. No shit folks. Pop yer limb on down there and wiggle your fingers 'til something takes a bite ... of you. I wanna see these fuckers take this act down to the Florida wet lands, and try this shit with the god damned gators. Might teach these nimrods some fuckin sense, or at least keep 'em from doin' any more breedin'.


We can only hope.