Title - Going to Hell



Okay so this guy was out protesting the big Billy Graham Rally they had last week*, and so you have to ask yourself, is this guy more left or more right of good old Billy**. So I call up that the 1-800-HOW-TRUE. You should try it, its funny.

"... Yes indeed God does kill, and he will kill you if you don't believe ..."

Needless to say this fuck is WAY right of Graham, way over in that homegrown Okie snake cult shit. Its the fire and brimstone with a a microphone and Fender Strat. This is the shit that makes Oral Roberts 900ft Jesus seem mellow and even keeled. Somebody help me drop a building on these guys.

* The Billy Graham thing, to no surprise, drew a bigger crowd than Pearl Jam, which should be a fucking crime. Its no wonder we can't get some descent culture started in the damned state. Fuck Oklahoma

** Now I have no particular love for Billy Graham, I find evangelism to be an offensive religious practice, preying upon weak minds, lining the pockets of sociopathic predators. On the other hand I have no particular beef with Graham who for the most part has made good on his charitable promises and genuinely seem to help people in need. His organization is probably a little corrupt, but the man seems to be sincere, and I can appreciate that, inspite of his need to "convert the masses".