Title - Bible Banger Repellant

I know these little bad boys aren't exclusive to Oklahoma, but they still crack my shit apart. What's funny is how many solicitors don't feel the need to obey these like they're aimed at those other door to door groups.
They're NOT, They're aimed right at you ya fucking bible-banging, pamphlet-distributing, evolution-hating,tounge-speaking, Jesus-loving-all-others-hating, non-eucharist-eating, basing-it-on-St.Paul-cause-St.Peter's-the-Pope-ing, crazy assed motherfuckin' Baptist/Fundamentalist Bastards!
So fuck off, cause I'm masturbating!

If they made jewelry out of that symbol, I might wear it. I know I could wear an upside down cross or a goats head, or a pentragram to express myself, but I'm not so much Pro-Satan as I am Anti-Jebus.