Title - 'Tator Cannons


Boys and girls, that is a Potato Gun. The pride and joy of any 13 year old, or that Cousin/Uncle of yours who's unemployed and sells pot. The potato gun is a marvel of homemade engineering. People speak of the Brain-Drain here in Oklahoma, and I say bite your tongue. All one has to do is drive out to the sticks and behold the one of these ballistic sensations to realize that we here hold the intellectual community by the proverbial short hairs.

Lo! Lo! Behold! What piece of work is this potato gun. How infinite in faculties. In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an angel. In aprehension, how like a god!

Whoa, I'm sure there's a special Hell for those that would abuse Shakespeare to describe a potato gun. BAD JOHN, BAD!