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02/03/2006 - Well I'm on a bit of a roll again, and I give you the third installment of the Spawn of Cecil: Signs of Satanism. The site update is coming soon, cause this frames bullshit is driving me nertz. Also don't forget the 2005/2006 Resolution, I've only done 4 of 12, and I only have 4 more months, can I hit my goal? Adios Amigos!

01/12/2006 - Okay I know its three weeks late, but it woyuldn't be WeakCut if it wasn't late. But anyhow, I give you ... A WeakCut Christmas 2005. Also don't forget the 2005/2006 Resolution, I've only done 3 of 12, and I only have 5 more months. That's it, and I'm out!

08/16/2005 - I am on FIRE! I've got a new Strange Agency Comic done, featuring Jermiah Trout called Waiting for Wilson. And I've got a new 2005/2006 Resolution. Back to the grind stone, bitches!!!

07/17/2005 - HA HA HA!!! I've finally finished a comic. HELL YEAH!!!!!. Well Go Check it out ... Vivia Thomas.

08/02/2004 - Well Its been a long assed time since I updated, and I can only blame it on a conspiracy of real world -problems and general apathy. I've only got a few Doodles up for this one, but there are comics coming, forthwith. Enjoy!

10/22/2003 - I know its not really Halloween themed, but at this late date your getting what you get, Spawn of Cecil: What the World Needs is Another Stalin. I'm gonna try and have something more goulish up by Halloween. And don't forget to check the Resolution, cause the odds are in you favor for a free t-shirt. That's it, now let me get some work done.

10/07/2003 - Okay, a long last, Frat-Party Freak-Out is complete. I'm putting it under a new title called WeakCut Adventures, to differentiate it from the more urban legend based WeakCut Tales. Next up, I'm finishing the next Spawn of Cecil, and then I'm doing two Halloween stories, one with the Jerimiah Trout, and one based on an Oklahoma ghost story. Thing are looking in your favor on this Resolution gig, sign up newbies. Time to drag my ass back to the salt mines!

9/30/2003 - A week and month, a week and a month, you people are too time oriented. I've added a link to my White Van pages on the comics page. I got new Doodles for you today, basically collecting up things I've posted in my LiveJournal over the last couple of months. Check it out, Check it out, Check it out!

8/19/2003 - Okay we're down to the wire on this Resolution shit, Damn! By my figuring I'll have to kick something new out every two weeks to make this happen.
ARE YA READY FOR SOME COMICS FOLKS? WELL BAM! Here's the Spawn of Cecil. I'm trying something new, and I hope you guys like it. I'll be back within a week with more shit. ADIOS!

4/29/2003 - Only 2 weeks this time, I'm getting better. I just threw a few doodles up for your enjoyment. Still cranking away on the comics, should have another update in two weeks. Also don't forget Saturday. May 3rd is Free Comic Book Day. I'll be chucking out copies of the mini's at ATOMIC POP and SPEEDING BULLET COMICS in Norman, OK. WHOOOHOOOO COMIX!!!!!!!!

4/13/2003 - 3 months, I'm getting a little better. I got a new WeakCut Tales for you cats, and I'm pretty proud of it. Should be an extra special treat for any current or former Normanites. No doodles this week, but I'll have some up in the next two weeks. The Resolution is still in effect and your odds are looking good.

1/25/2003 - 4 months, fucking pathetic. The whole of 2002 was fucking pathetic. It's do or die time now, and as such I have a Resolution, check it out, you might get some free shit. Speaking of which, I finally have a new Porn4Nerds up, and some new Doodles. Check it out and Welcome to the Year of the WeakCut.

9/27/2002 - Damn, one month since the last update. Well I got some new Doodles up, and revamped the WeakBoard. We'll keep it brief for now, cause I'll be back Monday with the new Porn4Nerds.

8/26/2002 - I've been a busy little beaver. The WeakBoard is up and running, thanks to the efforts of Scott Carmack. I tossed out a couple of new Doodles. Angel sent me the latest Porn4Nerds script, so expect that in the couple of weeks, and we're gonna submit it to the Dark Horse Web Comics Contest. After that it's on to the new WeakCut Tales. Dat's it.

8/6/2002 - NEW HEEL, finally, at last. Maybe Dave Wetta will leave me alone now. Also some new Doodles, and a couple of funny new things on the MISC page. Next project is a new WeakCut Tales, and maybe a new Porn4Nerds. I'll keep you updated.

7/23/2002 - I threw up some Doodles and cleaned up the site a bit (lots of typos). Restarted the JAM which you can check out on the MISC page. New Heel before the end of the week

7/17/02 - Welcome back, it been quite a while. Too long really. I hope to get thing back under a tighter schedule. There's some new Doodles up. And more soon to come (I haven't been completely uncreative since November.)

It seems I've waited too long and lost my spot doing Demon Hunter Barbie. Luckily, Angel found someone far more talented (and reliable) to take over.

Also it seems the Ascend Descend which has been a primary source of exposure for myself has gone defunct. That being said, I charge all of you to tell your friends about my cool site. Please!!!!!!!!

I start my vacation in one week, so expect me to finish the newest Heel and hopefully some new WeakCut Tales. The JAM will also relaunch this coming Monday for anyone who cares.

11/1/01 - Hey Scenesters, I got a fresh comic for you. Porn4Nerds In Time 4 Halloween, up in the Comix Section. And, Yes, I realize the irony of putting this up the day after Halloween. Also I got a new piece of fanart from Jaime of Fatman Comics. I hope to have at least part of Demon Hunter Barbie up next week. That's all I got.

10/22/01 - I put up a new Doodle. I'm gonna have a new Porn 4 Nerds Halloween special up next week. Then I gotta finish the 15 page Demon Hunter Barbie intro story (done the next week). Then Finally I'll give you the latest Heel Mini. If I don't Dave Wetta's gonna kill me. And you know how those freaky Kansanians get. (Crack) (Crack) the whip at my back.

9/26/01 - Okay I got the Aascend Descend reProductions Paranoia is Transported in White Vans, now dammit!. Gonna throw some doodles up this evening. That is all

9/21/01 - Gonna have some new DOODLES up later this afternoon. I also did a segment for Aascend Descend reProductions Paranoia is Transported in White Vans. Go check it out. I also am putting up a site to to store the JAM's we do in the Yahoo!Clubs, which will be up tonight or tomorrow. That is all.

9/07/01 - Long time, no update. Got NEW DOODLES. My month long moving sabbatical is over, so its back to the grind stone. I have Slacked off enough. Things to look forward too soon: A new Heel mini, and New WeakCut Tales Mini. Demon Hunter Barbie, with Angel Camacho, and doodles out the ass. Revamped the guestbook once again also. That is all.

8/13/01 - Can't get enough of these super fun news updates? Need to here every last stupid though that I jOHN Moroney have? Then check out my freaking Live Journal! Over on the NAV BAR!

8/10/01 - Dave Wetta is a bad motherfucker. He totally went through the site and fix almost all of my typos. He is officially my new best friend. I'm gonna put a couple more things up in the doodles section today.
SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! I will be done moving and I plan to sit down and crank out the next Heel Mini. I've started it a total of three time, and then let it sit for months, so that when I came back a couldn't capture the style again. But Sunday, that all ends. You Hear ME. (if a yell enough about it, I might actually get it done.)
That's it!

8/4/01 - The Doodles section is redesigned, and now full of my own mix of idiotic commentary. Also I finally had two pieces of "fanart", so I threw those up in the Doodles also (Special thanks to Necro and Don). Couple new doodles. I SWEAR TO GOD I'M WORKING ON NEW COMICS TO AMUSE AND ENTERTAIN!

7/30/01 - I'm currently redesigning the doodles section to include my personal commentary, so please ignore the FUCKED up links. I'm having a root canal today, so it'll be tomorrow or the next day 'til I'm done. Thanks for your patience.

7/17/01 - Well my life is just full of delays. The flash stuff is coming, I just don't know how soon. I have to move into a new apartment in a couple of weeks, so I've been packing. The Arnie the Middle Class Mercenary has been put on hold again. Instead, I'm going to redraw and repackage the minicomics and get them printed at a real printer, so maybe I can have something for the Small Press Expo in September. Also I gotta get this site redesigned. Yellow letters on black looks like every other comics site out there. Gotta try something new. Put a couple more pieces up in the Doodles section. I have a new one going up at the ADD site in the next week or so. I'll keep you posted.

7/03/01 - Well shit, how you doing? Added new stuff to the Doodles section. Gonna go out tomorrow and blow some shit up. I suggest you do the same.

6/28/01 - Howdy, Folks! I've redone the Doodles section as well as added some new art.
As you can also see, I've put the news here and hopefully this weekend I'll get the Spawn of Cecil stuff up and running. Not a lot else. Stay off that rock!

6/4/01 - Well, I got a new comic, The Shop, up on the site (in the COMIX section). Its written by a fellow named Angel Comacho from Aascend DescenD reProductions (ADD). I had a whole lotta fun drawing it. It looks as though we might try to make this a regular thing, using the same characters and all.
After a couple of club projects I've got going, I'm gonna finish the next installment of the Heel mini-comic. Then I've gotta get going on Arnie the Middle Class Mercenary.
I'm taking a flash animation course over the summer, so expect the super cool flash effects to start infecting this here web site. Also I plan on getting the samples of my multimedia and 3D animation up in the next week or so. And sign the damned guestbook!

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