The Groups
Mindtheater Studios - My collaborator on the Porn4Nerds, Angel Camacho's comic creations Renegades of Comic Book Funk - Don's Yahoo! Group
Studio D - Don Lew's work, dig the GhostDancer Indy Cred All Stars - The best, for people looking to self publish. Home of all the cool kids.
Jerkbox Studios - Home of Jerbox and Pumpkinhead. Even if you don't like comics, the site is impressive.
Ape Law - The amazing work of Calamity Jon Morris and Others
Miscellaneous Weirdness
Mojo Mechanics
Harlekin-Maus - Zak Arntson makes the coolest fucking role-playing games.
Fat Man Comics - Jaime is the fatman. The fatman RAWKS.
Suicide Girls - Naked pictures of Goth, Emo, and Punk chicks. Fucking Rocks!!!
Sluggy Freelance - Bun-Bun Rules! Found Magazine
The Chopping Block
Cartoon Militia
My Amigos
The Jamar Chronicles - My man Micah's Photography
The Insomniac Machine - Cool stuff, with a manga edge The ComputerDog - Web Guru Scott Carmack
Attaboy Beerbaria - Bart is a sick fuck.
Asa Taylor Photo Restoration OK - Daniel's side business.
Thinktank Comics My World - M.C. was bored at werk