Kendall's Story

Like White Vans, Kendall's story was a project for Ascend DescenD Reproductions site/club. Unlike White Vans however, where I essentially created my own piece of the story, here we were working form an existing piece of prose, written by Ben Gange (sp).

I had fun translating this one to comics, though clearly this represents some of my earlier work. Its neat to see the improvements I've made. Two thing stick out to me. The forst is how little I knew about using fonts. I pretty much stick to Arial sans serif, and Comic Book Sans. Egad! I also clearly knew nothing about how to utilize photoshops text effects.

The other thing I remember about this one, was it was the first time I used the inkwash method for the grey tones. I learned a lot about that from this experience, especially how I shouldn't be doing wash work on vellum finish bristol, which has nother the thickness or absorbancy to handle that much liquid. Well you live and you learn folks, you live and you learn.


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