Mr. Wiggles and
Da Gun

Mr. Wiggles














Materials: Black and red ink on white paper, No pencils
Original Size: 7" x 7"

I've been toying around with Mr. Wiggles for a couple of years. I just like the idea of this cute little alien with the wobbly eyes being a renowned intergalactic hitman.
Da Gun is a more recent addition. I was trying to create a gun that could think and had a personality of its own. I played around with a lot of designs, including a revolver that had a brain mounted on it. But I ended up making this one with a face, that I just really dig.
The whole dynamic is that Wiggles is very quiet, possible mute, carefully stalking his prey, and Da Gun won't shut up. Always talking, always obsessed with how much they're gonna make for this hit or that hit. Wiggles is the samurai, Da Gun is comic relief.

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