FUCK YOU!!!!!Materials: Pen and Ink on white paper. Colored in PhotoShop.
Original Size: 8.5" x 11"

This guy has become my new favorite Norman Lunatic.
I've explained before that between the State Mental Hospital and the Univerity with its all-night lifestyle, that Norman is a magnet for the mentally ill. And man do we get some doozies. There are the staples like Billy Three-Hats and Calvin the NewsPaper Boy, and then your more transient crazies like Glove Man, Brother Bob, and those guys from the DeBarr incident.
I'm not sure where this new guy fits, but he is nuttier than squirrel shit. When I fist saw him I thought he was part of one of the Biker Rally groups that stay at the Quality Inn by Wal~Mart on thier way to where ever it is that Bikers like to Rally. He had this post-apocalyptic looks and between the Army-Surplus Leiderhosen and the mirrored goggles, I was sure he was a Hells Angel or something.
But the other night I was riding my bike home around 9PM and he comes marching up out of the darkness a head of me, and I kinda nod and cruise on by. All the sudden he pulls off the headphones and starts huffing and weezing at me and screaming "fuck you", as he dances around on one foot.
Now maybe my nod offended him or maybe he thought I said something, but odds are this cat is crazier than a shit house rat. And you gotta apreciate the truly insane.

At my man, Don Lew's request, I re-drew this freak so as to better illustrate his mad-capped chicken dance. Seriously this guy is my hero.


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