Bungi Phrog & Angry Rabbit

Bungi Phrogg & Angry Rabbit

Materials: Ball-point pen on poster-board
Original Size: 5" x 7"

Every once in a while, I get to draw at work. It usually has to be closing time and we have to be extremely slow, but it happens. As such I'm usually limited to whatever we have laying around, hence the ball-point pen and posterboard. Sometimes, I get some reasonably good shit out of it.

Bungi is an old character of mine, older than the Heel. He's pretty Bagge inspired I think. I used to read HATE a lot. Hopefully, with this new burst of activity, I'll get some more Yoshi and Tim-Toms done, and you can all meet the Phrog brothers.

Angry Rabbit is new But I like him. He'll probably show up some where.

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