Micah Beree:
Hulk Style

Micah Beree - Hulk Style

Materials: Pen and pencil on Bristol, colored in PhotoShop
Original Size: 10" x 15"

This is my friend Micah Beree. Micah and I have been friends since my junior Year of High School. He's not my oldest friend, but he is probably my tightest. Micah's a photographer in New York and he seems quite adept at getting women to pose naked for him. He does mostly abstract photography in the "body landscape" style. He's damned good.

Anyhow,as you might guess from the drawing, Micah is paraplegic, from a gunshot wound he received the summer after freshman year. Back in High School I had a dream in which Micah was walking around this party on these hugely overgrown arms. I was supposed to draw this for him several years ago, but we're already familiar with my loose concept of deadlines. So TA DA!

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