Ascend Descend
Racing Angels
Racing Angels

Materials: Pen and pencil on Bristol, colored in PhotoShop
Original Size: 9"x14"

This was originally going to be the site/comic cover for the October 2001 issue/update of Ascend and the ADD club comics. We ended up using another drawing that Armature created that was more reflective of the events of September 11. The agreement at the time was, my cover would be used for the next update.

Well its eight months later and the ADD is defunct. The domain has lapsed and the club has become just a place where a few people hang out and talk about comic related things. I feel bad, because I was off feeling sorry for myself and the whole thing slipped apart. I know lots of it had to do with Armature getting fed up at the site not meeting his expectations, but I'm still sad to see it go. Any how this has become a portfolio piece I'm using in my Illustration section. The detail gets a little lost online, but I think this is a particularly slick piece.

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