The Rats of N.E.M.
Rats of N.E.M.

Materials: Pencil & ink on Bristol board, Colored and mixed with a photograph in PhotoShop
Original Size: 8" x 10"

So my friend Dennis was making a gothic techno album and he needed a cover, so he asked me to draw it for him. At this I failed miserably. He wanted a mirror image of a Demon-chick and a Faerie and nothing about it came together for me. He was very nice and still included it as interior artwork, but it just fuckin' sucked.
So he completes the album and has a few made up. He titles the album, Nocturnis Ex Mortu (a nod to the Evil Dead movies), hence N.E.M. We start talking about the CD and he says "I have this idea of these raver rats dancing to the music and calling it the Rats of N.E.M." So as my repayment for screwing up the first assignment I drew him this. I like it. This is actually my first attempt at doing rendered color in PhotoShop. I did use a photo to get the spot light in the background and I did go a little nuts with the lens flares, But I think overall it works.

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