Dirk Dander &
Mr. Flammable


Materials: Black Ink on Bristol, lettered and colored in PhotoShop
Original Size: 7" x 5"

Meet the Dermatological Duo. Astronauts, Major Chuck Charkofski and Captain Dirk Daniels, were flying an experimental mission in close orbit to the sun, when their thermal shielding failed. Dirk, who was wearing a protective suit only had his head exposed, while Chuck was completely exposed to the dangerous radiation. Strange abilities began to emerge. Returning to earth they were quickly drummed out of the service, for unbecoming behavior (goats, tequila, a bobsled... the details were hazy). Back in the private sector, the decided to use their new powers to help the world and turn a profit.
Thermal radiation caused Dirk's scalp to become extremely dry and flaky. Now he can create huge blinding clouds of dandruff by scratching his head. The same radiation made Chuck's skin secrete a special oil that can easily be caught on fire. He can't "flame on" with out the use of a match, lighter, or other open flame. Together they drink heavily and try to scam the world out of a few dollars. See their adventures in upcoming mini-comics from WeakCut comics.

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