Big Tito's Crew:
The Samoan Mafia

Big Tito's Crew









Materials: Black ink on white paper, no pencils
Original Size: 5" x 7"

There is a really shitty movie out there called Nemesis starring Oliver Gruner. It is a super crap-tastic film, but as always I pulled the one cool element out of it, Hawaiian Gangsters. Running around in aloha shirts, sandals and 9mm's with silencers. It was a fuckin' hilarious idea.
So I co-opted it and plan on using them in a Yoshi and Tim-Tom comic. I'm still writing it, but basically our guys get into it over some drugs.

NOTE: The large man in the back with the triangular sunglasses is a modern adaptation of one of my first comic book characters ever, SUMO MAN. He was a sidekick of Super Blob, who consisted of a black circle with arms and legs and a cape. He basically got his ass kicked all the time, and provided a twelve-year-old a forum for using the word FUCK.

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