Title - Norman:
Where James Garner Comes Home To Die

For those that don't know, they've converted old downtown Main St. in Norman, into the James Garner Corridor, and in exchange, Mr. Garner is doing a bunch of car commercials.* This is not on the whole surprising, its that favored activity of all former OU QuaterBacks. I gotta say the thing that impresses me, is this statue. It seems less based on actual photos or sittings of the young James Garner, and more on a cartooned caricature.

I mean look at that thing, its like a Disney character. I just wish they'd gone a little more extreme. Maybe gone with a Rockford Files Garner. Greasy Mullet and smokin' Pall Malls. That woulda been sweet.

*Car Commercials - Lame ones too, not like the cool ones where Lynn Hickey used to blow up Pick-Ups with a Bazooka, just to show how serious he was about cutting prices.

He was very serious.