Title - ORU Hand Job


Gather round children I have a story to tell. Once upon a time their was a self rightious bastard name Oral Roberts and he had a TV show about Jesus and a college for assholes and a hospital called the City of Faith. Back in these days of yore (1985), good old "MC 900ft Jesus" Oral told every body that if they had cancer it was cause they were sinners, and God didn't love them BOO BOO HISS HISS.

Then Oral lost all his money, cause he was a crazy motherfucker, and he couldnt afford his hospital, so the Cancer Research Institute bought it and made it thier headquarters. They they told the Big O to "Get yer fuckin' ugly-ass bronze hands the fuck off our property". And every one laughed at the irony YEAH FOR IRONY!

The End.